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A true home…

The best journey
takes you home

Every project begins with a meeting: the client and their world. My aim is to transform your interior into a true home by taking into account all of the sensory aspects and by working on the space’s interior design and furnishings.

Planning, designing and decorating involves consciously choosing colours, materials, textures and other style elements that reflect the inner values of my clients.

A human adventure

Each project is also a human adventure.

That means leading the clients into a space that will be a refuge, a reflection of themselves, so that they truly feel at home.

I have been taking clients on this adventure for over 20 years at W80.

First opening its doors on 80, rue Washington, W80 was originally a home decor shop before growing into other areas and expanding its range in recent years, to become an agency that specialized in interior decoration and professional design consulting.

Work process

From defining your needs to the final delivery.

The first step is

Everything begins with a meeting

Discussion around the direction that the project should take, to ensure that it has meaning and coherence.

Choosing furniture depending on your tastes and needs.

The second step is

Textures, shapes, materials

Meeting with suppliers once the desired “feel” has been defined, and the list of precise needs has been established.

Final choices and purchases.

The thirth step is

Managing the follow-up steps depending on the property location.

Buying, importing, exporting, delivery, installation, both in Belgium and overseas, wherever maritime logistics are required. The designing, bespoke carpentry work and the general planning and follow-up are also managed.

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