Alpine chalet designed for both summer and winter use. Designed to welcome the owners as well as potential renters. In the winter, the fireside is the perfect place to unwind after a day of skiing. In the summer, the wooden terrace and the outdoor living area can be used. Those of you who are detail-oriented will appreciate the bespoke carpentry work which allowed unique communal spaces to be created (a sauna, steam room, and massage room), the various living areas, the “heavy duty” kitchen (for frequent use), as well as the different furnishings such as wardrobes and bedding. The chalet glows with its warm and encompassing atmosphere.

It is a perfect blend of boutique hotel accents, with its freshly laundered bedsheets and bathrobes, and a private chalet. Designed to house around twelve people, this chalet could also be a perfect private sanctuary for a couple or a person who wishes to enjoy the space alone.

The contemporary interior has been carefully designed to give an haute couture look. We love the meticulous attention to detail. The furniture complements the warm, high-quality fixtures. There is also a nod to 1950’s architecture, thanks to a few vintage touches.

Pierre Avoi - Indoor
Pierre Avoi - bathroom
Pierre Avoi - Downstairs Living Room
Pierre Avoi - Outdoor


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